Active Heed - Higher Dimensions


Crop Squares

On our land
Sublime and grand
A new crop square
Appeared just last night
Not a phoenix, a dragonfly
Not a jellyfish, a spiral, an owl
But a round orb with trails of smoke
Curious, challenging mystery
To magnificent untouched new highs

Cryptic network of lines
Faint, unbounded rewriting
Of the standards so far known
A drunk alien fall(en) down
With playful desire to draw insights, intuitions

Rebel friend from another space
From another dimension of empathic sensitivity
By mistake or by chance
We received a small piece of their knowledge
Learning knowledge and maybe more
Or not? Maybe more or not?

Are we ready to go beyond this?
Are we ready to deal with what we don't understand?
Are we mentally prepared to lose our certainties?
Our trusts and confidences

Are you sure you want to take the risk?
There's not best place in the world of this
Don't believe it because nobody taught me
Nobody would throw a life away

I don't think you can change my mind
There's no hope that you can succeed
Don't let me engage my soul to believe it over
'Cos there's no way until the end

On our land
Crop squares in lines
On our land
Crop squares that draw a common path to carry on
A common path to carry on
A common path to carry on

New information that we can't take them all



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