Active Heed - Higher Dimensions


A Pet Called Prime

Grooming on the left
Brushes, bowls and food of any kind
Into the store

Wildcat, feline steps, religious conduct
When I approach
The aisle with treats

Anytime I take a step ahead
Driving fast the way to something new
Is it really real or is (it) a dream?
Need a break from too much load of heat

I know, I must confess there's too much choice
A bunch, a multitude of toys
So well placed
It's hard to pick among them all

Where could I choose my next new pet?
A pet called prime, composite prime
A simple element that occupies my mind
It's my best choice, I can't go wrong

Like a gemstone in the bowels of earth
Remained unknown for billions (of) years
It's my new pet that
No one would never dare to reach into beauty, never at all
Surely and certainly such great class has no rivals, no equal in the store

With high hopes and feelings
With good strength to heal
I will look after
Safe, self, star, super, twin, mine

I'll see him grow and become a swinging prime
I will always be by his side, for sure
If he needs, I will be keen to help much
Every attention led to make him a happy life

Everyone knows we'll be great and united friends
Shelter, food and love is all my prime will ever pretend
Unconditional loyalty and joy for all life long
Beyond the words
I feel inside the choice I made is strong

Going back to pay
Taking another look at myself
And at my needs

Soon I realize
The math of the creation is just a trick
Ground of digits in rhyme

A pet called prime
A pet called prime
A pet called prime



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