Active Heed - Higher Dimensions


Multiple Replies

Dealing at the borders of the whole
Dealing at the borders of a whole

Walking at the edge of a shape
It's just like reach the limit
And catch the...

Principles of a boundary line
Map the leap in a dark and dubious

Holographic cluster of uncertainty
Cluster of uncertainty

Paradox of multiple replies
Pain and hitch to keep the line

Take another road,
Drive a mile and then turn down
Make a fresh attempt
Will you get another result?
Any help from your curious mind?
Any explanation?
Answers, answers, answers, more
Beyond all logic and clue
Beyond the need to learn
There is a multifarious complex maze
Of solutions with traps

Must be a magician to keep its pace
Kind of witch to cast a spell
A being with superhuman powers
Not to succumb to feelings of unsuitability
Of unsuitability

The chance of failing and the fear to lose
Multiple replies to the same call

Welcome to my list of queries
In a world where nothing's clear
An approximate direction
In a ritual search for sight

Quotations, figures, price, terms worth a try
Code numbers, they're the key that opens all doors
Multiple replies,
Random recurrent relay,
Let me give it a try



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